• How To Stop Your Back Pain

    Posted on June 11, 2013 by in Rheumatoid Arthritis

    How To Stop Your Back PainPersonal Story: How This Permanently Cured My Brother-In-Law’s Back Pain. (See Below).

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    From the desk of: Tom Nicholson 773-336-7388 Time: 2:31 pm Dear friend,

    My brother-in-law, Peter Ruckoldt, lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin near the corner of Taylor Street and Melody Drive.

    Although only 36, he suffered from excruciating Back Pain almost all the time.

    He couldn’t stand, yet he could not sit. You should have seen him walking around like a 98 year old man.

    He had to sleep on the couch (instead of with his wife), propped up with pillows.

    Even then, he regularly awoke at 2AM & could not find a comfortable position. Laying in writhing pain until dawn. Watching more boring late night TV than you can imagine.

    He had been plagued by this for so long, he thought Back Pain was just something he had to live with, then he became depressed, feeling like a semi cripple.

    Living on pain pills. Nearly suicidal with pain. Anyone who has Back Pain knows what misery is.

    On June 23, he visited a Back Pain specialist in sheer desperation. The specialist examined Peter for a few minutes… then announced "we’re going to get rid of this Back Pain right away."

    He had Peter perform a certain stretch that had NOTHING to do with his back.

    Peter’s Back Pain was GONE… instantly– And He Could Enjoy Life Again!

    Within a day he was able to… Read more…

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